1941 and 1942 Four Assembly Set

This set is intended to turn all your finished sub-asemblies,(engine, sheet metal, etc,) into a pretty complete motorcycle.  It contains almost all the nuts, bolts and washers to put your Indian together. The parts are cadmium plated, bagged and labeled. Each nut, bolt and washer is identical to the Indian part it replaced.

Here’s a generic list of what is included in this set. Click the Print Button below for an actual packing list.

This set will install these

Gas tanks, Front and Rear Fenders, Fork shield, Leaf spring to fork bolts, Leaf spring to links nuts and bendover washers, D24275 washers for brake and clutch rods, Handlebar top pinch bolts, Kicker pedal and kicker stop, Kicker pedal Acorn Nut, Tool box,  Seat to frame and to post, Chain guard acorn nuts, Brake light switch cover screws, Battery cradle to frame, Center stand latch to fender, Rear Safety Guard upper clips, and others.

The parts add up to $247.10. I discount 10% for buying the set,

COST $222.39 plus shipping.